Saturday, November 11, 2017

Is it a Missvah to Live in Israel?

1) Listen to tonight's class, "Is it a Missvah to Live in Israel?" here.

2) See the sources we cited:

a) Ramban - Shikehat Asin 4

b) HaRambam - Hilkhot Melakhim 5:9-12

c) R. Hayim - Tosafot Ketubot 110b

d) R. M. Feinstein - Igerot Moshe EH I 102

e) R. S. Wosner - Shevet HaLevi 5:173

f) R. O. Yosef - Yehaveh Daat 4:49Yehaveh Daat 5:57

3) Read an original teshuvah by R. Ovadia Yosef to the Prime Minister of Israel's office regarding this matter, here.