Saturday, January 6, 2018

Squeezing Lemons on Shabbat

1) Listen to this evening's class, "Squeezing Lemons on Shabbat," here. Follow along with the sources here.

2) Take a look at some of the sources in their entirety: a) Mor UKessia, b) Bnei Sion, c) Hazon Ovadia, d) Menuhat Ahavah.

3) Read the stories related by R. Yisshak Yosef regarding this halakhah here. And see his recent teshuvah on this issue, in his Responsa HaRishon Lession, here.

4) Read a short summary of the issue, as presented in Living the Halachik Process vol. II, here.

5) Watch Hakham Ovadia Yosef's brief discussion of this issue, and his dismissal of the more stringent opinions: