Tuesday, July 10, 2018

R. Menahem HaMeiri: Philosopher and Talmudist

Listen to last night's class, "R. Menahem HaMeiri: Philosopher and Talmudist," here.

Follow along with the sources here.

For further research:

1) At the beginning of the class we mentioned that it was largely based upon Moshe Halbertal's Bein Torah LeHokhmah. Read the related article that he wrote before publishing the book here

2) At the end of the class we mentioned Meiri's unique approach to the halakhic status of Christians. There has been much written on this topic. See, for example the articles of: a) Gerald Blidstein, b) Gedalya Oren and c) Moshe Halbertal.

3) We read an important passage from R. Yaakov Anatoli's intorduction to Malmad HaTalmidim. See David Guttman's recently-published annotated edition of the introduction in Hakirah journal here