Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"Shover Oyvim UMakhnia...?" - The History of a Single Word

Listen to this morning's class here. Follow along with the source sheets here.

For further reference, see: 

a) The full text of Hakham Ovadia's teshuvah in Yehaveh Da'at,

b) The page from R. Yisshak Shehebar's Yisshak Yeranen

c) Hakham Yeshaya Dayan's article (and R. Rahamim Shayo's footnote) in Ginzei Eress

d) R. Shelomo Toledano's analysis in Divrei Shalom VeEmet,

e) R. Yisshak Yosef's defense of his father in Kol Torah and subsequent writing in Ein Yisshak.