Monday, September 18, 2017

2 Approaches to Pesak Halakhah (1)

1) Several months ago we dedicated a class to clarifying an important facet of the system and process of pesak halakhah: the distinction between a "mimetic tradition" approach, and one that is primarily reliant upon texts. Listen to the class here. Follow along with the source sheet here.

2) As we mentioned, Dr. Haym Soloveitchik's classic essay "Rupture and Reconstruction: The Transformation of Contemporary Orthodox Society," set forth the structure and theory of the class. Read it here.

3) I have scanned many of the core sources that we analyzed, so that you can view them in their full context: a) Yehaveh Da'at 1:84, b) Sansan LeYair 3-4, c) Hazon Ovadia - Pesah pg. 108-14, d) Rabenu pg. 84, e) Hakdamat Hakham Barukh, f) Yehaveh Da'at 3:12, g) HaMashbir pg. 42-45, h) Mishnah Berurah 8:26, i) Yehaveh Da'at 2:1, j) Or Lesiyon 2 pg. 27, and k) Mekor Ne'eman pg. 9.

4) At one point during the class we mentioned Menachem Friedman's related article, The Lost Kiddush Cup: Changes in Ashkenazic Haredi Culture - A Tradition in Crisis. Read it here.

5) I reflected upon the significance of halakhah's "mimetic tradition" in the devar Torah that I wrote this year for Parashat Kedoshim. Read it here.

6) We mentioned and discussed the issue of the proper berakhah on massah before and after Pesah. Enjoy the short story that R. Mordekhai Eliyahu told, regarding R. Ezra Attiah's deliberation on this matter: